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What is GlassDraft?

Bringing Clarity to Community

In 2012, I remember slowly but surely straying from the typical Lone Star tallboy cans and starting to buy six packs of New Belgium Fat Tire, Breckenridge 471, and Real Ale Rio Blanco.

Since then I've tried a handful of more beers. But one thing I've found in common with every beer I've tried is the story behind finding it. Word of mouth, recommendation, social media, countless internet searches, random selection. Some discoveries are serendipitous, while others are just tedious. GlassDraft wants to bridge the gap between beer drinker and beer. After all, having a beer should be enjoyable, not a blind scavenger hunt.

What at first started off as wishful thinking has now become the concept of GlassDraft. It aims to be a comprehensive and simplified online catalog of beer designed to ease the experience of discovering great beer while simultaneously linking individual beer experiences together all in one place. 

My hope is to broaden and simplify the adventure of finding and enjoying a good beer

- S, Cervantes


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